About us and Ye Olde Red Cow Inn History.

We would like to invite you and your family to come along and experience history in the present at Ye Olde Red Cow Inn at Slough.

Ye Olde Red Cow HistoryYe Olde Red Cow Inn is one of the oldest pubs in Slough - a fact which provides an arena for spirited debate within the pub walls. Many locals say that it is, in fact, the oldest pub in Slough, while others will say that it is not. Whatever the arguments, we know that Ye Olde Red Cow is, if not the oldest pub in Slough, at the very least one of the oldest. And this adds a special quality to the charm and history that form part of its contemporary status.

Ye Olde Red Cow Inn Inn dates from the sixteenth century and was originally a private house called the Pond House. The original Ye Olde Red Cow Inn dates back to the seventeenth century, however the name was transferred to the current pub in the early nineteenth century.

From the mid seventeenth century, stagecoaches began to pass through Slough on journeys toward the West. Slough and Salt Hill were famous stage coach changing posts on the road out of London. Coaching inns began to spring up along the Great West Road to serve as resting points between London and the West Country. Today, only two of those inns survive, and one of them is Ye Olde Red Cow Inn. The other is the Inn at Upton.

Ye Olde Red Cow Inn was temporarily re-named "The Black Bull"In more recent history, Ye Olde Red Cow Inn was temporarily re-named "The Black Bull". This is one of Ye Olde Red Cow´s claim to fame in the 1970´s. It was used as a background shot for TV show "The Professionals".

Presently, Ye Olde Red Cow Inn is owned and operated by Dawn Groom. Dawn has had the pub for the last 14 years and has brought the pub into its current state - a warm, friendly, traditional public house that promotes a good family atmosphere.


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