The Beer Garden.

Ye Olde Red Cow Inn´s Beer Garden is the only pub beer garden in Slough. It is situated at the back of the pub and offers a pleasant and safe place to share drinks and food with friends. The beer garden is fully fenced around making it child safe and friendly, and it is home to our summer bouncy castle and family barbeques. The beer garden isn´t limited to being open during the summer months. It is open year round. So come and take advantage of this rare pub find in Slough and enjoy dinner and drinks in the open air!

Beer garden Slough - Ye Olde Red Cow Inn

The Beer Garden can be used to host events such as weddings and parties throughout the year, and Ye Olde Red Cow Inn is happy to cater accordingly. Contact the pub for details and bookings.

Front Terrace

Front Terrace at the Red CowAs a compliment to its larger cousin the beer garden, we have a terrace at the front of the pub. Weather permitting, this is a lovely place to pass by, sit, and enjoy a pint. Our terrace heater makes it possible for you to enjoy sitting outside comfortably all the year round.

Our regular customers generally use this area for chatting, drinking and smoking (we don´t want to encourage anyone to smoke, but if you´re going to do it, our Front Terrace is the place most commonly used).

Have a look in the Events Section to see when and what is happening at Ye Olde Red Cow Inn at Slough!